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About Colorado Design Labs 

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Colorado Design Labs was founded to discover new ways of capturing, analyzing, engineering, and designing the total customer experience (TCE). To use a computer science analogy, we study the compatibility and interoperability of human beings and technology; we develop theories and processes to capture and analyze these human-product systems, including the human being as another component in the system architecture; and we support product teams and managers with training, consulting, tools, leadership strategies, and methodologies to correct deficiencies in the TCE and increase customer loyalty, retention, and NPS.


We synthesize several different disciplines to craft our unique approach to total customer experience design. We investigate the history of technology, customer loyalty, information and communication theory, human-computer interaction/HCD, usability engineering, innovation studies, LEAN UX, object-oriented modeling, AI, machine learning, and change management. But most importantly, we delve deeply into the root causes of why people fail to achieve results with the products/services they buy. We don't just observe the symptoms of failure as is usually done in usability tests; we put the human-product system under the microscope to determine the nature and behavior of the disease. Then we invent new cures WITH you - not FOR you - augmenting your talent base as needed with our stable of expert engineering and design professionals.

John Bowie

As the principal scientist at Colorado Design Labs, I have a passion for discovering new mindsets, models, and methodologies for streamlining communication and collaboration between human beings and technology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am drawing from my research to write a series of books, articles, and blog posts covering all aspects of UX leadership, analysis, engineering, and design. Look for postings to start here on in September, with publication of the books in Q2 of 2021. Once the pandemic lifts, I will offer workshops and project-specific consulting in locations throughout Colorado with the goal of helping companies transform their in-house design organizations into centers of innovation. Why Colorado? Because to solve wicked-hard design problems you need an environment that clears your mind and inspires you. The Rocky Mountains are such a place. 

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